About the Mill

To create a space where avant-garde, innovative fabric design meets traditional manufacturing process has been a project five years in the making for textile design duo Juliet Bailey and Franki Brewer. In the spring of 2015 The Bristol Weaving Mill opened its roller-shutters for business.


Directors of their Bristol-based internationally acclaimed woven textile design studio Dash and Miller Ltd., Juliet and Franki had a vision that there would one day be a facility in the UK where a no-boundaries approach could be taken to fabric sampling and production weaving. After years of research this dream has become a reality and The Bristol Weaving Mill is set to contribute to the UK’s historical lineage and tradition of weaving and manufacturing… with a twist.


The Bristol Weaving Mill is a micro-mill based in the heart of Bristol with facilities for creating the most exclusive, bespoke and experimental fabrics imaginable for the international fashion and interior industries. With strong links with to world’s most interesting and innovative yarn suppliers, finishers and manufacturers, The Bristol Weaving Mill is an artisanal weaving-mill in the unique position to be able to supply an unparalleled level of creativity and innovation for both small- and large-scale production runs.


The Bristol Weaving Mill’s signature collection is predominantly focused on wool and fancy tweeds, however our creative- and design-led team has a background in hand-weaving for production that allows for a greater level of responsiveness when developing designs and fabric qualities. The industrial weaving looms and supporting machinery at The Mill have been selected with creativity and flexibility in mind to enable The Bristol Weaving Mill to create many different and varied qualities of cloth.


The Bristol Weaving Mill also focuses on creating ecological, sustainable and ethically responsible fabrics using locally spun wool together with recycled and reclaimed fibres wherever possible. With the rare opportunity to focus on accountability, traceability and sustainability from the ground up, The Bristol Weaving Mill has woven this ethos into every pick of cloth.


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The Bristol Weaving Mill is a micro-mill based in the heart of Bristol.


The industrial machinery at The Mill has been selected with creativity and flexibility in mind.


Our creative- and design-led team have a no-boundaries approach to woven design and production.

The Bristol Weaving Mill

Creative bespoke speciality cloth